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2011’s "New Kits on the Bed" Picture


Low Heart Rate Solution

I know alligators don’t usually attack people on bikes, but something about being 20 ft. away from one as it hurtles all 300 pounds of itself into the water makes my watts and heart rate go up.  Here are some pictures from my ride today.  I’m north of Lake Apopka and about 15 miles west of Orlando. 

Ridin’ next to the water and everything is chill. 
No one for miles around. 

Oh, snap!  These two guys were the first of about twenty.  They posed for a few seconds before dashing into the water like I was an ice cream sundae.  I put out some good numbers after this. 

Old buildings.

Another gator. 

That’s training in Florida for ya – flat, flat, flat, gator, flat…forever.