I’m saving this space for something profound

In early December, my life plan changed drastically. One day, I was preparing to move back to Gainesville to finish my last semester at UF in mechanical engineering, and the next I found myself moving back in with my parents (yikes!), tossing school to the wind, and taking off on a plane for Qatar. Alright, I haven’t exactly “tossed school to the wind,” and the plane ride hasn’t even taken place yet, but in ten years you can bet I’ll be telling the story like that.

What am I doing in Qatar? Do you really need to ask? I’m going to be in Qatar for what seems to be the only reason I ever go anywhere these days: to race bikes.  This time, however, I’ll be racing with the U.S. national cycling team.

Qatar is located next to Saudi Arabia:

At the time I made my decision to postpone school, I was completing an engineering internship for General Electric in Louisville, KY. I’d been working 40 hours a week for four months and hardly riding at all. Perhaps my decision was a bit of a reaction to my unexciting desk life, but no matter. Come December 2011 I’m going to have a degree either way.

And so the New Year begins with lots of training, lots of sleeping, and lots of eating – perfect. No matter that I can count the number of my Orlando friends on one hand. No matter that Orlando isn’t an ideal place to train. No matter that my parents have sweets all over the house that tempt me at every turn. I’ll manage.

Oh, and all I can promise for now is updates through Qatar. Writing is hard work!

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