Ka-tar? Cutter? Guitar?

I googled the pronunciation.  If you’ve ever pondered how to pronounce “Qatar” correctly, this 2-minute NPR piece probably won’t answer your question. 

I’m leaving for Qatar at the end of January, and I’m not sure what to expect.  When I was first told about this trip, an image of a peloton of dementors flashed across my mind.  Of course it would be impossible to race in a burqa, but I had to wonder!  Actually, Qatar is a very forward-thinking and modernized country.  They even got the bid to host the 2022 FIFA world cup.

This is a picture of the capital, Doha.

I am a bit worried about doing a UCI stage race only two months into my training (and that after two months completely off the bike).  Fortunately for me, with the exception of a little more sand and a little less moisture, the conditions are going to be quite similar to that of Florida – flat, warm, and windy.  So, in a way I’ve been training for this race all my life. 

After Qatar, I’ll have some time home.  Then in late March, I’ll be heading over to Europe to race in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Czech Republic.

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