Oh, Gainesville

Bear with me…I’m writing this on an iPad. Hadn’t played with one until this weekend, and I have to admit I like it.  Runs Netflix smoothly.  Just used it to google its retail price…  I’m not one for expensive gadgets (I got my first picture phone just last month), but maybe…

Anyway, it’s less than a week until I leave for the Middle East.  My legs are feeling pretty worn out from this first block of base, but I’m not worried.  After two months off the bike this fall, I’m supposed to feel spent from training. 

That’s why this week is easy – so my muscles can recover stronger and be rockin’ for Qatar.

To finish up my first block of base, I went to Gainesville for the Bring It On race and “The Battle,” a 120-mile race/ride that takes place every January, starting and ending in Gainesville, FL.  Saturday’s workout was to ride to the race, do the men’s A race, do the women’s race, and ride home.  Ugh!  Then Sunday was The Battle.

I haven’t been in Gainesville since early July when I moved to Kentucky to work as an intern for GE Appliances.  I knew I missed the town, but guess I didn’t realize how much I missed it until I saw all the familiar faces!  Definitely looking forward to going back in mid-February on my way up to Athens.  Can’t take the good times with friends, wine, and Bananagrams for granted.  Carla is in my thoughts every day.


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