Monthly Archives: February 2011

Since I can’t talk, I’ll write

Yesterday, I did the Greenville Spring Training Series road race in Greenville, SC, only an hour and a half drive from Athens.  I wasn’t feeling 100%, but I suffered through attributing the flat legs to a heavy training load and some late-night dancing at 90s Bar on Thursday.  As soon as I got home from the race, BOOM!  Sore throat like never before and muscle weakness.  No racing for me today.

That’s the link to the article about the race.  I WAS really impressed with the number of girls who showed up.  The results say 29 finished, and I know two crashed, so that puts the number at over 30.  Way to go Carolina girls!


My Strange Addiction

Morgan and I are sitting in the living room of her new house in Athens, GA watching the show, My Strange Addiction, on TLC.  I can’t help but wonder if me and all of my friends could be eligible on the basis of how much time we spend riding and/or thinking about bikes.  Some of these people do stuff like eat chalk, shop uncontrollably, or suck their thumbs.  But in the last show there was a guy who ran 20 miles a day and a girl (looked like a man) who lifted weights 5-6 hours a day…that hits pretty close to home.

Seems like there’s quite a fine line between a hobby, a job, and an addiction.

Anyway…things are good on the riding/training front.  This week was my first build week so it was jam-packed with intervals.  Definitely looking forward to my off day tomorrow!  The only issue I’m having is finding good, gluten-free ride food. Today, I rode with gluten-free cookies, gels, Fritos, and Dots…haha.  I’m gunna have to do some consulting with some other gluten-free cyclists for better suggestions.  The next thing I’m going to try is baked sweet potatoes that just slide right into your back pocket.

Athens has been great so far, and Thomas’ birthday party was really chill.  Headed to the mountains for some training on Wednesday and then Greenville training race on the weekend.