Tour of Qatar in Pictures

Of course the sign is in Arabic too.
Arriving at the hotel.  Like us, most teams have brought six riders.
View from the 18th floor.
The hotel room.  I was roomies with Alison Starnes.  Paper delivery in the morning and cookie delivery every evening.  Bathrobes, slippers, the works. 
View from the hotel room on the first day.  The haze is from all the dust in the air.
Going out for a warm up ride the day before race.  
Pee breaks must be done VERY discreetly. 
Riding back into Doha.  10 mph into the headwind.
Waking up day of the race.
Sky has cleared up a lot, thank goodness.
Stage 1 begins at the camel race track.
First camel sightings!
All race vehicles caravaned to the start.  Bikes were transported in trucks like this with bubble wrap between them.  The mechanics wait for their team’s bikes to be unloaded.
Camels in training!  Gotta start ’em young.
Stage 2 began at the Museum of Islamic Art (the building out there).
Megan and me.
Stage 3 began in Al Dayeen.  This is Megan with our Swanee, Felice.
Kendall and me before start of stage 3, right before meeting Eddy Merckx.  My director took a picture that I’ll try to post here eventually. 
Breakaway on the circuits Stage 3.  Copyright Tim de Waele.
Standing around waiting for the parade post-stage 3.
Saw all the dudes in spandex.
Everyone rode back to the hotel together after stage 3. 
Kendall with Doha in the background.
Ridin’ with the world champ, Bronzini.
The End!

I had a great trip, but our team had some very bad luck.  Carmen crashed badly on Stage 1 (12 stitches in her forearm), Megan and Coryn crashed on Stage 2, and Carmen and Coryn crashed in the sprint on Stage 3.   I just got in last night after 25 hours of traveling, so my brain’s still a little mushy.  If you’ve got any questions, feel free to comment and I’ll answer them!


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  1. Awesome pictures! Sorry about the bad luck though. I hope it was fun!

  2. great pictures! I hope everyone recovers quickly from their injuries.

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