Happy Anna Howard Shaw Day!

So it’s Valentine’s Day, and guess what I’m doing.  Taxes!  Things get pretty complicated when you consider that I race bikes for a living and I worked out of the state for part of the year last year (interning with GE in Louisville, KY).  Fortunately, my father is a lawyer, and he can help me out with a lot of it.

The plan this week is to drive up to Gainesville for a couple days and then continue on to Athens, GA to hang out/train with my teammate and friend, Morgan Patton, her lover, Thomas, and the UGA cycling team.  This first week of gluten-free wasn’t too bad.  The real test will come this week when, inevitably, everyone decides to go out for pizza, beer, and soy sauce.

Also, I just got the news that after I get home from Europe in May, I’ll be headed off to China to do the Tour of Chongming Island (May 11-13) and the Tour of Chongming Island World Cup (May 15).  I know what you’re thinking.  I made up the name “Chongming” because I forgot the real name of the race.  No, that’s the real name.

If you’re a 30 Rock fan, I hope you appreciated the title of this blog post!


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