What I’ve Been Up To…

Hanging with Heather and Justin in Gainesville…so cute. 
Then to Athens for two weeks where I got sick and (as I found out when I got home) fat. But now I’m back sleeping in my own bed.  I can get back into my regular routine and lose a couple pounds.

Had a great last few days of training.  While doing hill repeats up Sugarloaf Mountain yesterday, a woman who’d been watching me from the top told me that I’d inspired her to climb the hill again.  Her husband waited for her while she rode to the bottom, turned around, and came back up.  Cool!  

Today, Wednesday, was an off day (weird, right?  Who has off days on Wednesdays?), so I decided to try out some gluten-free baking as suggested to me by my old teammate, Ali Powers.  

I’ve been gluten-free for over four weeks, and I’ve begun to cringe whenever the words, “gluten” followed by “free” pass my lips, not because I dislike the diet but because what it really means – that I’m a high-maintenance eater. 
Here’s my chocolate chip cookies made with Bob’s Red Mill mix.  They’re definitely not the same as regular chocolate chip cookies, but they’ll do. 

Here’s my gluten-free *cringe* muffins.  Also meh.

The tickets for Europe are officially booked.  I’m getting really antsy sitting at home watching everyone get to race Albany and the Merco Cycling Classic.  


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