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While cleaning out my closet at my parent’s house this week, I found one of my mother’s old, cotton cycling jerseys (can you believe it was made out of 100% cotton? Ew!) 
With pockets and everything.
To make it wearable, I decided to cut out the logo and sew it to one of my own cotton shirts.  I’ve got a pretty good hand at sewing, so no big deal.  Learned my way around a sewing machine when I was seven, so hand-stitching is easy.  
Here’s the finished product:
But as a cyclist, sewing comes in handy more often than you might think.  It certainly makes jean-buying a lot easier.  I just by the jeans to fit my legs (meaning the waist of the pants is about 2-4 inches bigger than my body) and sew darts in the back to take in the waistline. 
Today, I made gluten-free muesli for the third or fourth time from this recipe.  Delicious!  Also, here is a picture of my new hair cut which I swear looks shorter in real life than in the picture!  


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  1. Love the Cinelli handiwork!

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