If You Ain’t First You’re Last

I know my mom is going to object to the title of this blog post because she’s of the belief that “everyone’s a winner,” but when it comes to racing, people don’t often remember who got second place.  The theme of the stage today had a similar ring to it: if you’re not passing, you’re being passed.  Basically, today was all about the fight to the front.  When you’ve got a course with mostly single-lane roads, wind to power fields of windmills, and 160 other girls who also want to be at the front, the fight is tough.  And never-ending.

The first crash happened in the neutral zone, and from there I’d say we averaged about one crash every 10k until the group split about 50k in.  I think I was in the third group, but I’m still not sure.  We haven’t seen the results yet.

I’ve been trying to take pictures, but it’s kinda tough when you’re trying to focus on the race.  Dinner is in about and hour.  Everyone eats together in a big dining hall, and dinner is served buffet style.  Pros: very minimal expenses while I’m here.  Cons: gotta eat what they serve.

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