Oh my gosh I’ve been rushing around unpacking and packing and visiting family and mother’s day and application for readmission to UF and food and it feels like I just got home and already I leave for China in two days!  Woah, baby.  That’s the life, I guess.  I spent my entire first day back sanitizing my clothes, which turned a nice grey color over the course of the trip. I also got to set up my new bike from Team Type 1, which arrived while I was away.  Check this out:

Gotta cut the steerer tube, but still. Sweet…

So you know how I mentioned the cycling superfans a few blogs ago?  Well, here’s another example.  A letter arrived for me at Hotel Sport after the second stage. 

I opened it and started reading the letter. Oh he 
wants my autograph!
Then I read more.  Wait a second.  Where’d all these rules come from?  Only a signature, no other text.  No roman characters.  Only on the enclosed cards.  Black or blue pen.  Let the ink dry.  Put a sheet between the cards.  Put the cards in the hardcover?  Ugh.  He expects me to think this much in the middle of a stage race?!?!  Psh!  Even this was enclosed:

A+ for preparedness.  

One last picture.  This sign was at a gas station right near the pump.  Caption contest?  What in the world is going on here, right?  Any guesses?  I’m at a loss.


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  1. Good luck in China!

  2. All people using wheelchairs must learn to play the trumpet.

  3. The right side of the sign is very clear without words: no smoking, no match-lighting, and no using cell phones while getting gas. Here is what you're supposed to do: be surprised at how high gas prices are, but fill up your tank anyway while listening to the disabled person provide wonderful music (this is actually a hint to give him a tip even though you can hardly afford gas).

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