Kini Bars: A Different, Healthier Ride Food

Energy bars made from quinoa?!?! It’s like a dream come true.  If you don’t know anything about quinoa, go ahead and take a Google break right now.  Or you can find out more about it on the Kini Bar website:

Quinoa flakes were an official “food obsession” of mine (as listed on the right side of this page) earlier in the year.  I have since branched out to quinoa pasta, which I also recommend.  Basically, quinoa is a grain with a very high protein-to-carb. ratio.  It’s gluten-free, and it has a very low glycemic index.  It’s an ideal food for the serious athlete, an ideal food for anyone really.

A friend told me about Kini bars back in March before I went over to Europe.  I got in touch with the owner and chef, Anthony.  Turns out he was looking for feedback from athletes, so he hooked me up with a big batch.  I even got to meet him in person. 

I took my Kini Bars to Europe with me, tested them, and they definitely checked out.  They were easy to digest, natural (made from ingredients from Whole Foods), and they tasted good.  These bars aren’t just for the gluten-free folk out there.  If you’re just plain sick of bars made with an oat base or just looking for variety, keep your eyes peeled for them when they finally come into production.

I avoided the bars off the bike (like I do with most workout bars) because I watch my calorie intake.  I believe Anthony has since made the official bar size slightly smaller and tweaked the recipe a bit so they don’t break too easily. 

Anyway…sorry I’ve been slacking on the blogging lately.  I have an (oh no, am I really about to use such an overused word in my blog? Yes I am.  Here it goes…) epic story to tell about a recent training ride in Dahlonega, but I’ll save it for my next post. 


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  1. Epic!!!!

    the Kini bars sound great!

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