Monthly Archives: November 2011

2012 Early-Season Schedule Posted!

Look at that schedule (on home page)!  Things will be taking off full gas this year beginning with Tour of Qatar on February 1st.  I’ll be home for just enough time after training camp to get adjusted to the time zone before I head to Europe for over a month. 

I haven’t been updating lately for a lot of reasons, mainly because I’ve been really busy finishing up my last semester of school at UF.  Taking time away from the bike both mentally and physically is also an essential part of the off season. I usually take about two weeks completely off the bike and then ride every other day for the following two weeks.  And then too, there’s a new guy in my life who’s decided I’m not so bad to hang out with, so he gets some of the credit for occupying my time.  

For awhile there I was dying to blab about signing with Exergy Twenty12, but I had to keep my mouth shut about it until the official press release came out.  This is old news by now but here’s the link:

I’ve spent the last few weeks answering team emails about sizing and equipment information.  What kind of aerobars do I want on my TT bike?  What’s my size in these 43 different articles of clothing?  What size and color casual shoe do I want?  Yes, I WILL have some champagne, thank you.  And can you feed me those grapes while you’re at it?