Real Life Plans

Alright, so many of you want to know how bike racers support themselves given they don’t make much money.  Here I am to answer your question.  In five days, I’ll be graduating from college.  In one week, I’ll be moving in with my parents, into the house I’ve lived in since I was six, and interviewing at Sylvan Learning Center to be a math tutor.  I won’t be paying rent, electricity bills, or even netflix bills (thanks mom!) and I’ll be gone racing overseas for months at a time.  The national team takes care of food while we’re on the road.

In anticipation of all the new schwag I’m going to get from Exergy Twenty12, I’ve been selling some of my old clothing and equipment for cheap.  I just sold a bunch of Team Type 1 gear to UF students and a TT bike on Ebay for almost $1200.  Cha-ching!  I’m also planning on starting to officially coach riders.  I’ve coached various people on an off over the years, but I’d like to make a real business of it.  Plus, I just like helping people, especially women, become better cyclists.

I’ve told Sylvan how much I’ll be gone and they’ve been really cool about it.  They like to hire role models, not just tutors and I guess being on the U.S. National team qualifies me for the job.  If only they knew how un-glamorous it can be sometimes.  Hopefully the interview goes well because I think it’ll be a really sweet gig.

In the mean time, I’ve just been training and trying to lose a couple pounds this off season.

Here’s something I’m really proud of.  It’s the CAD (that’s engineer-speak for computer-aided design) pictures of my Capstone Design project this semester.

Our project was to design a countertop dishwasher that reaches sanitizing temperatures of close to 200 degrees, holds four place settings, fits below kitchen cabinets, is manufactured in the USA with combined manufacturing, materials, and assembly costs of under $130, and meets energy star and NSF standards.  This is the design we came up with.  The most innovative pieces are the one-part injection-molded cabinet and the thermal block heater.  I’m going to stop myself here because I could ramble on for…well, our report was 75 pages.

Hilarious countertop dishwasher youtube video.



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  1. Like your new blog page!

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