New Year Update

What a difference it makes riding point-to-point instead of in circles over and over!  I had more motivation to ride than I had in days and it was a hellava workout.  Two minutes after arriving at my grandparents’ house in Indialantic, FL on Christmas day, this is where you could find me:

If Jackson sees this, I suppose I can tell him that its nothing worse than what the clothes’ll be subjected to in the early-season Belgian races.

Christmas day was the last day of my big block of training.  The week between Christmas and New Years was supposed to be a rest week, but it was so stressful I felt like I needed a rest week from my rest week!  I love family, but WOW that was an overload.  Time to get back into the swing of things here and gear up for Qatar.  Time is flying and I certainly better be flying here in three weeks.


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  1. Hello Jackie. Good to see you enjoy the water. We, Hung and Brad, were talking about you today because we miss you, but Brad show me your website. Hope to see you working with us again in the future

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