Stage 1 – Camel Race Track

Yeah, that’s how windy it was.  The sky looks downright clear in this picture compared to the dust storm we got during the race.  Overall, this was probably the strangest day of racing I’ve ever had.  Update to come after I shower (I had to do anti-doping, so 3 hours post-race I’m still gross), get a rub, and eat some food.

Ok, I found a picture on Kendall’s Facebook of Sam in the caravan during the race:

Crazy, right?  Fortunately we got a head’s up on the dusty conditions before the stage started.  It was Jackson’s idea: we used kinesio tape to bridge the gap between the bottom edge of our sunglasses and our cheeks.  It looked somewhat ridiculous, but I never once regretted it.  It’s after nine at night now, and I’m still blinking continuously.  Can I get some lotion for my eyes, please?  Oh, I guess that’s called eye drops.  No one on the team has any.

I got a random for drug testing and rode back to the hotel in the anti-doping van with the other random, Kristin Wild (the stage winner), and our chaperones.  Kirsten was really talkative and nice.  Everyone in the van spoke multiple languages which made me feel bad for being so uni-lingual.  I HAVE been using my Rosetta Stone French (which is awesome) so maybe some day I’ll get there.

Because neither Kirsten nor I had to go when we first got back to the hotel, the French girl went first.  She took FOREVER!  Not sure what they were doing in there.  I let Kristin go next because she was being so nice and she had, after all, won the stage.  Five minutes later, I totally regretted it.  By the time Kirsten got done, I was in pain.  I dashed into the room exclaiming, “gimmie one of those cups right now!”  They didn’t give me one, of course.  I had to choose my own from a pile of cups.  WADA is big on letting you choose your own cup, your own testing kit, etc. so you don’t blame them for pushing a faulty one on you.  I chose my cup faster than any cup has ever been chose before.  Of course, I still froze up for a second when my pants were down.  Afterwards I got to pour my pee from the first cup into two little glass bottles (the A and B samples) and fill out some paper work.   The usual.

Now we’re back at the hotel.  Jackson has just told me that “Of all riders, you say the most outrageous things, Jackie.”  Me?  Outrageous?  ha.  That’s definitely the first time anyone has called me outrageous.

Ok, time for bed.  I’m reading a pretty good book called Crossing Places.  The kindle Dan got me for Christmas is awesome!


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