Exergy TWENTY12 Camp

This gallery will take you on a short tour of the team house.  I’ve also got some pictures of our K-Edge chain catchers, the team fridge (packed to the brim), and our pool out back.  Last night we did a “vanity fair” type photo shoot by the pool for Felt, Oakley, and Modify Watches.  We were all told to bring a black dress and heels to camp for this purpose.  After we got to camp, there was some controversy over whether the original email had said “little black dress” or just “black dress.”   I own exactly one black dress, which also happens to be “little”, so I was in the clear.  Theresa, on the other hand, tells us she has worn a dress exactly three times in her life: to her wedding and the weddings of two of her friends.  The black dress she brought was ankle-length and therefore definitely not little.  We joked that if they’d asked us to bring white dresses, she would have brought her wedding dress.

I thought the photo shoot was a nice mental break from training, but by the end of it I was cured of ever saying “modeling would be so easy” every time I catch a glimpse of America’s Next Top Model.  They had me perched in an awkward seated position, back-to-back with Andrea, on top of a boulder about 5 feet above the pool (see pool photo).

The highlight: at the end we jumped into the pool, dresses and all.  I’ve seen the pictures – they’re hilarious.  As soon as I get my hands on them, they’ll be posted here.  I’ve also posted pictures of some of our sweet gear.  Our jerseys also have a sweat-proof pocket inside the middle pocket for phones and iPods (picture below).
But training camp has mostly been about business.  I got in from Qatar at midnight on Sunday and jumped right into this 25-hour week.  Simon’s been having us do leadout practice, rotation practice, and TTT practice.  Here’s a picture of Simon.  He’s come all the way from Great Britain to work with us, and I hear they were sorry to let him go.


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