Correction. Is-A-Hem

That, ladies and gentleman is how you pronounce Izegem.  And this is the heretofore unseen phenomenon known as the shadow.

Me on Saturday, sitting cozy in the back en route to course recon. for Wednesday’s race.

Two days before, on Thursday, I had a 2.5-hour endurance ride.  I miss the good ol’ days when streets were named things like “Oak” and “16th”.  This is page one (of three) of the turn-by-turn directions I made.

If you don’t want to deal with the hassle of writing down 14-letter street names, a follow car comes in really handy, as does this little contraption.  Andrew calls it his “junior bullhorn.”  By junior, he’s referring to riders under the age of 19.

Andrew followed me in the car on my 3-hour-with-three-fifteen-minute-intervals ride today, and I would often be pleasantly surprised by his tidbits of encouragement (in addition to directions), especially when a roundabout was navigated correctly.  “Good job girls,” we’d hear.  There was no dealing with complicated codes like “one honk for left, two for right” (which suddenly strikes me as very Paul Reveresque) or looking back for the car’s blinker signal.

Not once did we get lost today.  The intervals felt good in my legs, and I was able to get my position dialed in. We did part of the Kemmelberg which I remembered from a race last year (picture courtesy of Wikipedia).

We are getting rubs tonight! Time to go do nothing.


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