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3/22 Live feed of 2012 Redlands…hopefully this is the right page.



12 hours of sleep yesterday night and 9 hours last night!  That’s what it’s all about.  Air mattresses don’t deserve the bad rap they get.  Meanwhile our mechanic, Josh, tries to catch a wink here and there when he can.

Yesterday was a relaxing day, and it was the first day of truly nice weather I’ve seen in over a month.  Sunscreen time!  Mostly we ride together as a team, but yesterday we could go out by ourselves if we wanted. We had already scouted out the course the day before and every once in awhile they like to let us have an unstructured day.  In case you were wondering, these are my back hickies the day after fire cupping.

I woke up and watched the others get ready for their rides while I did some chores.  At around 10, I leisurely packed my new Felt ZW training bike in my bike box to ship home to FL.  Between breakfast, laundry, and chores, I’d pick up The Hunger Games and read a few pages here and there.  The only reason I’m not glued to my kindle skipping meals and clawing through the pages is because I’m on my second reading.  I downloaded it to my Kindle the night before a big race in Europe.  I was up till after 1 AM, and even brought it with me in the car.  Priorities.

When I got home from my ride, I showered and then went on a Trader Joes run with three of the other girls.  With a Trader Joes and a Starbucks in the same plaza, it’s no wonder we saw the NOW and Llulemon team cars in the parking lot.  I was kinda hoping I’d run into Dan.  Dan’s here with the TT1 development team, and we have been bumping into each other here and there since San Dimas.  He even took me on a date the other night (with the permission of the team, of course).  I guess that’s no surprise he took me out since I practically demanded it of him after finishing that Hageland race in the pouring rain a couple weeks ago.  Speaking of rain, here’s a picture from the San Dimas road race:

Our food was delicious!  Here is our appetizer: stuffed artichoke.

Today was the Redlands prologue, and this is how I felt when I woke up:

Found that on Pinterest a couple weeks ago, and had to save it to my desktop.  That’s certainly going to be me in a few days when I finally get home from my 8 weeks on the road!  But once I got some coffee in me I was good to go.  Haven’t seen the results yet, but Andrea did well.  Me, I felt like I was climbing at a snail’s pace.

Just downloaded the second Hunger Games book!  You know where I’ll be.

Dan, I hope you know you’re taking me to see the movie next week!