Stories from USAC Sorority House.

Let’s see if I can write something coherent in this post-massage daze:

Yesterday we drove & rode the Tour of Flanders course. Check out this hill, and keep in mind that time you took the picture of the really steep hill to show your friends but didn’t since the picture didn’t do it justice.  Everyone know pictures take at least 10% off the grade.

Flanders hill

Andrew has been our director since we got here, and he’s doing a superb job.  He is a quiet guy though, and at dinner he usually just sits at the end of the table listening to our conversations and smiling and shaking his head at his plate when he thinks something we say is idiotic, funny, or outrageous.  We must be different to compared to the U23 men whom he normally works with, but I think he is taking a liking to us.  This is how I know.

Like I said, yesterday we drove out to the Flanders course and rode it (with Andrew behind us directing with his megaphone).  On the way home, I was in the back seat zoning out with my headphones in when I heard a commotion in the front.  I pulled my headphones out and heard Andrew, normally softspoken, saying loudly, “what are we going to do with it!  What are we going to DO with it!  WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO WITH IT!”

Next thing I know, he has pulled the van off to the side of the road and several of the girls jump out like there’s a fire in the car.  My adrenaline was pumping.  Were we in danger?  I started to make for the door too, but I noticed Amanda wasn’t getting out.  I asked what was going on.  This is what was going on:

Team mascot

The girls had seen a bunny on the side of the road, and something in his heart had prompted Andrew to stop the van so they could take a look.  The bunny was obviously domesticated because it let us pet it.  It was the biggest bunny I’d ever seen, bordering chubby, but that didn’t keep Megan (the girl who crashed and still got 5th at Samyn des Dames) from exclaiming in her baby voice that it was starving, and that you could “see its ribs.”

Andrew got out of the van once he realized that this wouldn’t be a quick stop.  For the entirety of his walk from the van to the bunny, the girls begged him to let them take it back to the house.  He stopped a few feet away and, as if on cue, the bunny took a couple hops toward him.  “See he likes you!”  Andrew looked down at the bunny and smiled, and for a second I thought the bunny was going to be the new USAC pet.

We piled into the van sans bunny, but that didn’t keep everyone from talking about it the whole way home.  We only stopped talking about it when we got to the grocery store to stock up on some of the favorites:

Got Speculoos?

The day before this was an adventure, too.  Sam and I went on a 5-hour quest for pancakes which were eventually found.  It was my first day off and like a true European, I spent almost 4 hours in various coffee shops.


At the end of each day, I’ve been writing down a list of all the positive things that have happened.  It’s funny how many of them end up being food-related.  Check out this chocolate.

I'm stalking Sam.


Relatives, prepare for some delicious chocolate when I arrive home!


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  1. Chocolate! Bunnies! Cobbles!

  2. What is your definition of “Relitives”?

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