And the Chaos Continues

I’m curious to see what they’ll say about today’s San Dimas stage in the press because I want to know what the heck just happened.  I thought the race had been neutralized, but now I find out that Kristin won the stage?

They stopped the field a lap early even though the worst of the weather and the worst of the crashing had passed.  The pouring rain and gusts of wind had died down to just a drizzle at that point.  We dashed for the warmth of the team van to dry off and put on warm clothes while the riders in the break (including Armstrong) continued.  And here I thought I was leaving bad weather behind when I left Belgium!

Kristin rode up several minutes later.  She was animated but she didn’t have a smile on her face.  What could it mean?  That was all the report I got before we high tailed it outta there.  Rhae was getting hypothermia and we had to get her back to the house.

European racing has spoiled me apparently because I’m used to the women’s race being the ONLY race of the day.  I forgot that in American racing, they like to run several races simultaneously and on the same course, even if the course is only 7 miles long.  The officials couldn’t keep track of who was where with all the riders getting shelled in each race.  That’s why we had been neutralized.  And theme of utter chaos continues…

There were rumors that they’d canceled the stage.   I would have been really upset if they just plain canceled it after what we went through.  It was a tough day.  At least Kristin will be in yellow again tomorrow.

Press release just in.  The girls in the break missed the memo that the race was ending a lap early:

“There was confusion at the finish as the leaders went through for the final lap actually not knowing that the officials were calling the race a lap early. They continued racing for almost another full lap. As Kristin had literally led the breakaway for 4 laps she crossed the line first on every lap including the ‘final’ lap and was awarded the well earned win. The officials gave instruction to the peloton that they were on their final lap also and Exergy TWENTY 12’s Pascale Schnider took the field sprint for 5th place.”

Pascale and I took showers, watched some netflix, and then went to Target to do a bit of clothes shopping.  Gotta cling to those little normal-people things.



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