Foot Baby

Hello, weird bone on the inside of my left foot!

Turns out this bone is in the exact same spot as plastic pivot in my Pearl Izumi shoes. The pivot is for the top strap, and there’s no moving it.  I suffered through the pain for a couple days, hoping it would just go away or I’d just get used to it or something.  Maybe the strap would push the bone back into the right place?  On the third day of limping home with my left shoe completely unstrapped, I spoke to my coach.  He suggested using something called Dr. Scholl’s moleskin to help cushion the bone.

$6 later…

I had myself some high heel inserts and, like my coach suggested, a CVS knockoff of the moleskin.  I cut two doughnut shapes out of the heel inserts, one slightly smaller than the other, and placed them on top of each other to make a concave cone.  I put the stacked circles inside my shoe and covered them with the moleskin to hold them in place.

Problem solved!

This weekend: Charlotte.  I’m finally feeling good on the bike, so expect some results from me.

This is what I did today after my three hour ride:

Which is bigger?  The baby or my foot?  Or maybe a baby is growing inside my left foot!!!!


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