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Work Hard, Play Hard

Here are some of my favorite photos from the week.

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Exergy Tour Blog

I was going to start out by talking about the scenery in Boise and our experiences pre-riding the courses, but I’ll get right down to business.  Kristin Armstrong, our team leader and 2008 Olympic Champion, broke her collarbone in the Prolouge two days ago.  She still managed to pull off a 13th place, 8 seconds off the winning time.

Count for yourself how long she was down and do the math.

We were, all of us, getting updates on our phones from the Exergy Tour Tour Tracker as we sat under the team tent a few hundred meters away from the start gate but not close enough to see it directly.  We knew when Kristin left the start ramp from the roar of the crowd.  Exergy has done a great job promoting this race.  This a picture of the turnout:

Anyway, we soon read this update: “And Armstrong is down!!”

What could that mean?  Do they mean her time is down?  Like, she’s going to clock a really fast time?

It was a surreal feeling, watching her, guided by our director and swanee, walk toward the tent clutching her elbow.  What would this mean for us, for her, and for the future of the Exergy Tour?  The CEO of Exergy, James Carkulis, is not only talking the talk, but walking the walk when it comes to promoting ladies professional cycling.  The organization has been incredible.  On the first night, buses were provided to take teams from the hotel to the team presentation:


Photo: © Jonathan Devich/

This photo was on the front page of the Sports section the following day (Dave Towle was presenting and had us cracking up the entire time):

Exergy temporary tattoos:

A jumbo-tron at the start of every stage, plus live coverage:

A new team van and car in addition to our other team van, our trailer, and our first team car:

They even got Union Pacific to stop the trains for Stage 3 since the time trial crossed two sets of tracks.  Here’s us pre-riding it a couple days ago:

Would Kristin’s crash change all this?  None of us slept well that night.  

But then we went out there and did it on the second stage!  Theresa got the W!  Here’s the video of the finish.  We got an email from James soon afterwards: “Woo-hoo!” he said.

And today was the TT.  I was 14th place, which I think is good for me.  The real drama of the day was that the holder in the start house didn’t really know what he was doing.  He dropped Andrea and she endoed into the start clock, dropping a giant F-bomb in front of a crowd of tiny children and James Carkulis.  He almost dropped me but I unclipped first!  The pissing rain wasn’t calming anyone’s nerves.

I used to think of time trials as a guaranteed “safe day.”  After breaking my back last year in the Tour de Bretagne TT, living through Kristin’s crash on Thursday, and Ali’s crash in the TT today I’m beginning to smarten up.

AND I’m finally beginning to get used to racing Euros at a UCI race in America.  The first night we ate in the team dining room, I caught myself asking waiters for things in broken English because my mind assumed they didn’t speak English!  No jet lag, familiar roads, VIP treatment.  I could get used to this.