Gila: Stages 3 & 4

Stage 3:

I won the race for slowest person on the team!  Fortunately, my job today was exactly that, be as close to getting time cut as possible without actually getting time cut.  This is because, at  39th place, my position in the general classification doesn’t matter in the slightest.  “Resting” today should set me up to do whatever the team asks of me in the coming two stages.  It’s tougher job than you might think, letting people pass you, but someone’s gotta do it!

A lot of good things happened today.  Dan called from Russia this morning.  Thank god for the internet or a phone call like that would be really expensive.  Then I ran into my director of two years, Jack Seehafer.  He’s moved up in the world and is now directing the Team Type 1 pro team.  We hugged and caught up.  Funny how my life is still so entertwined with Team Time 1.  Between Morgan directing the women’s team, Dan directing the Devo. team, and Jack, I seem to have it all covered.

Today a reporter asked about Dan, and I found myself talking more about Team Type 1 than about my own sponsors.  Focus, Jackie.  Remember my weird foot bone?  Pearl Izumi is sending me a new pair of shoes with a Velcro top strap!  Pretty Awwwwesome!  That means I’ve “made it,” right?

After the TT, several of us rode the six miles back to the host house on our road bikes as a warm down.  Alison, Pascale, and I stopped at Sonic.  I’d never been to a sonic before, but it was immediately clear what I was going to order!  The Reese’s milkshake, of course!  It fit perfectly into my seat tube water bottle cage.  Spooning ice cream from the styrofoam cup in my water bottle cage & into my mouth while riding home from the stage: these are the moments I live for!

Day 4:

Today was good, but uneventful.  Exhaustion is directly correlated to blog length – at least today. We were one of the aggressive teams in the crit, but nothing got away.  It seemed like no one wanted anyone in our kits up the road, no matter how well everyone was represented in the break.  Frustrating.


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