It’s official!  I’ve been chosen for our Exergy Tour squad.

Those of us who were chosen got a generic email on Sunday night from our director, Simon.  I came close to deleting it because the first sentence was “Congratulations!” followed by “you have been selected…” and my first thought was that someone was trying to sell me something.  It read like, “Congratulations!  You have been chosen for Exergy Tour. Please let me know which airport you wish to fly out of.”

I rode well at Gila this week, but I still breathed a sigh of relief when I got the news.  I really, really wanted to do this race.  After climbing to 10th place on the Gila Monster Road Race day, I still wasn’t certain I’d get a spot on the team – I’ve got a lot of talented teammates they can choose from.  Even this add for Exergy Tour in this month’s issue of VeloNews didn’t make my participation a guarantee:

This is my first big spread in a cycling magazine!  Yeah, that’s me if you can’t tell.  The giveaway is the arm and knee warmers.  I’m the only one in the peleton who thinks that 70 degrees is cold.  Come down to FL and I’ll show you what sweating and heat really means!

Exergy Tour is prestigious AND there’s a lot of prize money.  As you know, prize money means a phone with a data plan might be in my future!  Even the kids I tutor raise their eyebrows when I pull out my little pink flip phone.

Anyway, I’m home now and guess what I found waiting for me.  A reimbursement check from the team (I have to bring my brain into check and remind it that no, this is not a paycheck or a bonus, I’m just getting reimbursed for money I already spent) and a new pair of Pearl Izumi shoes with a Velcro top strap to solve my strange foot bone problem.

The good things just aren’t stopping.

Now I get the next few days to rest and recover from Gila.  I actually sent my coach, Jackson Stewart, an email like “I don’t know what you had planned for me this week, but I’m going to need some days off.”  He gave me Tuesday and Wednesday off in addition to my travel day on Monday.  I love recovery!


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  1. Trevor J. maclaine

    Well done Jackie. Love your reports.

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