Books for the Road

I can’t speak for the men’s peleton when I say this, but a lot of reading gets done around bike races.  My first month in Europe with the national team last year, most of the riders brought a book.  By the time we went home, everyone had read all the books we collectively brought to Europe.

But not all books make good “on the road books.”  The Road, for instance – not a good book to read on the road.  Depressing is not the way you want to go the night before a bike race.  Here’s my criteria:

(1) Must be easy to read

(2) Must be entertaining

(3) Must make you want to kick ass

And here’s some books I’d recommend (in addition to all Michael Crichton) :

Surviving the Extremes – reminded me that there are things that can kill you, bike racing isn’t one of them. HTFU.

The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo – Ass kicking, intriguing mystery.

Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil – Read this during southeast crit. series & you’ll get a better feel for the south.  Less action than the above two, but still a good read.

Generation Kill – Recommended to me by a friend who is a 2nd Lieutenant in the Marine Corps.  Sacrifice, tactics, teamwork – it’s all here.  Great writing to boot.

One Bullet Away – Nothing better to prepare you for a fake battle than stories about a real one.  I’m telling you, this author is good.

The Hunger Games – Cons: you’ll stay up all night reading it.  Pros: strong female lead who kills and survives, just like you’ll be doing tomorrow.

The Glass Castle – Less kick ass and more entertainment.  Chicks, you won’t be able to put it down.  Passes the time like no other!

The Monster of Florence – Non-fiction, adventure about a real serial killer in Florence.

I’m always looking for good books, so send your recommendations my way and put “Book Rec” in the subject line:


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  1. Howdy, I am a cyclist who checks your blog. Nicely done I might add. A little self promotion here. I am not sure if you read anything electronically but for 99 cents……

    best of luck with your cycling endeavors.

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