Nature Valley

Let me tell your about our fiasco when we got to Augusta. After waking up at 4 am and catching a shuttle, two flights, and a car, this is what Tayler encountered in the hotel tub:

There were stains on the carpets, deteriorating couches, an awful smell coming from the AC that barely worked, and crumbs on the beds. AND they didn’t have pots and pans in their kitchens, the major amenity that drew the team here in the first place. When Kmac went back down to the front desk and complained, the lady responded, “that’s how the people around here clean” and “I’ll see if I can find some pots and pans in storage.” In storage? Rusty, dirty pans? No thank you. So we told them we were going to Panera while they recleaned our rooms. Inn actuality we were going to Panera to desperately search for another hotel on the internet.

To put this in perspective for you, the five of us who were shown into the hotel have all raced in Europe. This means we’ve stayed in anywhere from dorms to orphanages and mental hospitals. Kmac actually tells a great story about trying to fall asleep the night before a race while listening to crazy peoples’ screams coming through the drywall.

When we went back to the hotel in question, they’d done nothing but gone to town with Febreze.

We made more phone calls and finally found The Partridge Inn in downtown Augusta. We put our bags back in the car and Theresa peeled out of the parking lot.

The US has some of the best time trialists in the world, so I’m not upset about my 8th place in the time trial today, especially considering my legs felt only mediocre.  Here’s the bike I was riding.  Saddle bag removal would have been good for at least two places.


This morning we went for an easy spin.  In the car.  That counts as training, right?


And now we’re just chilling in the hotel room waiting for six o’clock to roll around so we can get kitted up for the crit.  Here’s a short nature valley recap that I feel is necessary since we did quite well there.

I got second in the TT in the morning, and we won the crit that night:

Cannon Falls Road Race – canceled due to storms

We won the crit. the following day as well with a great show of teamwork and a perfect leadout for Theresa.

The next two stages were tough ones and we had some bad luck between mechanicals and other things.  We finished the race with the Exergy sprinter’s jersey and my 4th place in the GC (which we weren’t even defending since we were primarily going for stage wins) and then we got on a plane to come here.


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  1. Hey Jackie, raced with you in fl long time ago and had the pleasure of riding lakemont in Jan while we both were in town. Been keeping up w the blogs, great reads! Going to share w a Jr I’m working with, so hope you keep it up!

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