Monthly Archives: July 2012

Off Time

On Friday I came home to Orlando for the first time since I left for Exergy Tour eight weeks ago. The best part about coming back after a long trip is opening the closet door to find a bunch of new clothes (I forgot I had them).  I’ll have just enough time to switch out clothes before I leave for the Exergy Crit and Cascade.

The big news is that I’ll be doing La Route de France in August.  There had been some talk of me doing it, but I didn’t want to say anything until the tickets were actually booked.

But let’s backtrack here. After the nationals road race, I hopped in my car and drove to Dan’s place in Cumming, GA. I try to support Dan’s racing career, but standing around in the Augusta heat for four hours after my race while I watch him finish his race is not on the list of things I do, especially when the house is so close and I’ve been away for so long.  I breathed a sign of relief when I arrived.  Five days off the bike begins now!  I cracked open one of the Cokes in the fridge, took a swig of it, and surveyed the room thinking about all the possibilities that come with five days off the bike.  No wake up calls, no race prep, no training.  Hello World!  But wait!  What’s that I spy on the counter?  Rum?  I made myself a rum and Coke, took a shower, and sat on the couch where I watched Netflix for five days strait.

Ok, that might be a bit of a hyperbole.  I did get off the couch a couple times.  There was Waffle House:


And I made Zucchini Bread:



And went to Chick Fil A:




Well, that WAS a pizza I bought and a plate of rice crispy treats.

Then when my five days of couch-to-kitchen intervals were up, Dan and I went to Dahlonega, to the Hiker Hostel, to train for a few days.  Nothing beats waking up in the mountains to a nice hot breakfast.


Then Dan left to go do some biking in France.  I’m back in Orlando riding, and I’m wondering where everyone is.  I got up early on Sunday hoping to run into people on the road, but I guess as the urban sprawl gets worse and worse, people are getting more and more likely to drive out of the city to go ride.  Don’t you people realize I need rabbits to chase when I’m doing my 5-minute intervals!  Maybe it’s just time to get some better tunes on my iPod.