Monthly Archives: August 2012

To La Route

We stepped out of baggage claim
in Brussels this morning to be greeted by our mechanic, Julien, and our swannee, Ronnie (haha how catchy), standing in line with the other people waiting and craining their necks for their loved ones to appear. We were their people, their loved ones! I passed on the €4.50 coffee as we waited for the girls coming from Newark, but no matter. It’s sunny outside!

I have i feeling that traveling to europe without a cycling team could potentially be disasterous for me in the future. Ill get off the plane and wonder where my greeting party is. Or maybe ill forget to book the ticket in the first place because i thought they just let you on planes without paying.

We got in the rental van since the truck is at the Olympics and drove to somewhere in France. Im guessing Northern France. Three to a room, small showers, and small beds. Typical. This place used to be a cock fighting house back a long time ago and was built before the French Revolution.


Best thing today: 4 hours of sleep on the plane and an additional one in the car. I did not give in to those enticing movies!

Tomorrow, we ride at 10!