Track Mayhem

As I begin my one-month, end-of-season track racing career, I’ve got Bike Snob’s take on the crossover knocking at the back of my skull. If I do TOO well at track nationals this month, I can no longer claim it’s just training for the road. People will actually expect something from me in a track race from then on!

I’m actually running out of several of my go-to excuses for being slow on the track as we speak.(1) I don’t live near a track. Wrong! Dan lives in Atlanta which means I’ve been spending a lot of time really close to Atlanta’s infamous Dick Lane Velodrome. (2) I don’t have my own track bike. Well, check out this baby Exergy just sent me in the mail last week:

(3) I don’t do any track racing. Three nights of racing in the last two weeks sounds like some racing to me. Last but not least: (4) I don’t know anything about track racing! Well, this still might be true since everything Dan says seems to go in one ear and out the other. I’m beginning to understand why yelling at the newbie UF students doesn’t automatically make them “get it”. “Put your weight on your outside foot” or “don’t wear underwear under your cycling shorts” are simple enough, but how about “wait till the field swells to attack”?

Track racing is weird, bro. All the intuition I thought I had – gone. It looks fine and dandy and simple when you’re watching it, but as soon as I’m in one I’m clueless.

Long story short, I have nothing to lose at track nationals. If it goes poorly for me, no one will think much of it. If it goes well, then you can bet every failure in my 2013 road season will be written off to “just training for track.”


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