EDUCATION     Bachelor of Science, Mechanical Engineering       GPA: 3.62/4.0
              University of Florida, Cum Laude, 2011

              International Baccalaureate Program               GPA: 3.6/4.0
              Winter Park High School, 2006

SKILLS        Excel                SolidWorks                   MatLab
              Word                 Pro Engineer                 LabVIEW
              PowerPoint           C++ Programming              Machining


8/2010 – 12/2010 Technical Co-op, General Electric Consumer & Industrial; Louisville, KY
• Quantified volumetric flow rate and flow paths of air through an Enterprise II dryer.
• Created and executed a test to determine if switching to a more efficient motor in the Profile dryers would save energy.
• Used Excel, Word, and PowerPoint to analyze data and communicate results.

1/2009 – present Professional Cyclist, USA National Team; Colorado Springs, CO
• Train up to 30 hours a week, 48 weeks per year.
• Travel to over 50 bicycle races a year worldwide including places like China, Europe, and Qatar.
• Communicate and execute strategies with teammates in order to win races and impress sponsors.

1/2012 – present Tutor, Sylvan Learning Center; Casselberry, FL
• Teach algebra, geometry, calculus, physics, chemistry, and SAT prep.
• Mentor students in problem solving strategies, organization, and test taking skills. 
• Set a positive example and motivate students to want to learn.  

1/2010– 5/2010 Laboratory Researcher, University of Florida; Gainesville, FL.
• Created a method to examine how pelvis tilt affects a cyclist’s pedaling symmetry.
• Executed the entire research process from subject recruitment to data collection and reporting.
• Generated 3D models of subjects on bicycles using the Cortex imaging program and the Visual 3D joint interpolation program.

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